Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions :

As an integral part of the Merchant Application Form , the Merchant Applicant hereby agrees, agrees, and is bound and subject to the Merchant Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as " Terms and Conditions ") as follows:

  1. Candypay is a legal entity registered under the name of PT Candypay Global Utama and publishes electronic money services in providing non-cash payment solutions to the public. Candypay is domiciled in Graha Aktiva Lt. 6, Jalan HR Rasuna Said Blok X-1 Kav. 3, South Jakarta 12950.
  2. Candypay is an application that is downloaded, installed, and used to process payments at merchants.
  3. Merchant is the owner of the trading business and / or his attorney and / or the person in charge of the place of business who in the Application Form Merchant has provided business data and has agreed to download the Candypay application on his mobile phone which is then used to receive and conduct transactions in accordance with applicable regulations.
  4. Customers are those who make payments using the electronic money Application.
  5. QR Code is a type of two-dimensional Matrix code that functions to process transactions carried out on Merchants by e-Money users online.
  6. Candypay application is a software used by the merchant to access his account in order to take advantage of the Candypay service feature.
  7. Candypay system is a software that functions to operate Candypay services, including all accounts and various features in them.
  8. Merchant ID is an identity number that identifies the Merchant Account on Candypay service.
  9. VA Number (Virtual Account) is a unique number on each account, as a virtual account number for transferring funds from other bank accounts in relation to filling out the account balance.
  10. PIN (Personal Identification Number) is an account security feature in the form of a 6-digit combination made by the Merchant at the time of account registration.Together with the Candypay Merchant ID , the PIN is used to prove that the Merchant is entitled to the Candypay Electronic Money service. The Merchant is fully responsible for the use and confidentiality of the PIN.
  11. OTP (One Time Password) is an account security complement feature in the form of a 6-digit random combination generated by Candypay and sent via SMS to the Merchant's register cellular number.
  12. Candypay partners are commercial institutions or entities that collaborate with Candypay.
  13. Transaction is all financial activities carried out and related to the Account, where the activity has an impact on changes in the related Merchant Account balance.
  14. Transaction Fees are fees charged by Candypay to the merchant owner and the transaction activity carried out by the merchant using the balance available on the Account.
  15. Forbidden Enterprises are all forms of activities and / or support carried out as part or all services and / or forms of business which fall into the following categories:
    1. Pornography and adult content
    2. Firearms, ammunition, high-powered rifles, air guns
    3. Firecrackers / fireworks or making firecrackers / fireworks
    4. Illegal drugs
    5. Gambling
    6. Replication and counterfeit products from well-known brands
    7. Money laundering
    8. Sales with a pyramid scheme
    9. Donations and funding for terrorism

Scope of Cooperation:

  1. These terms and conditions govern cooperation in the service of electronic money transactions in the place of business of the Merchant using the Candypay application.
  2. These terms and conditions are binding on all information provided to the Merchant both in the Candypay application and / or information.
  3. Candypay hereby appoints the Merchant based on these Terms and Conditions and gives authority to the Merchant to carry out transactions electronically through Candypay at the place of business of the Merchant.

Payment Mechanism Through Candypay:

Customers come to the Merchant to make purchases of goods / services and make payments by:

  1. Static QR Code : Scan the QR code using customer's electronic money application to the static QR Code sticker that available at the Merchant.
  2. Customers enter the nominal that needs to be paid.
  3. The customer authorizes the transaction by entering the PIN in the Customer's electronic application.

Acceptance of Transactions:

Merchant must accept transactions made by electronic money without minimum payment limits in accordance with the payment mechanism through CANDYPAY and provide the best possible services to users of electronic money. In receiving transactions, Candypay has the right to charge for services fee provided to the Merchant.

Account Registration:

  1. Every individual has the right to register an account by fulfilling the following conditions:
    1. To register a account, you must complete the registration form in the Candypay application by filling in personal data such as Phone Number and Email Address.
    2. Not involved in part or all of the Forbidden Business.
    3. Have read, understood and agreed to the Candypay Terms and Conditions.
  2. Customers must be able to guarantee the correctness of the data used to register.
  3. In relation to meeting KYC (Know Your Customer) needs, each registration Account requires an Canydpay internal validation and approval process. The validation process until the agreement requires a maximum of 2 (two) working days.
  4. Candypay has the right to refuse registration of the Account of a Prospective Merchant that is suspected or proven to be involved in one or more of the Forbidden Enterprises or for other reasons in accordance with Candypay's decision.

Service Authentication Using Safety Parameters

  1. After successfully registering and activating, the Customer has the right to access his account through the Candypay application by authenticating.
  2. The customer understands that Merchant ID is the main parameter that identifies each related account. Neither the Prospective Merchant nor the Customer must ensure that the cellular number listed on his account is his own cellular number that can be accounted for and not used by others.
  3. The Merchant understands that PIN and OTP are security parameters for confidential Candypay services and the authority to use them is with the Customer.
  4. The Merchant is required to protect the PIN and OTP from his account in the use and storage so that it is not known by other parties. Unauthorized use of these safety parameters is not the responsibility of the Merchant.
  5. Candypay urges all Merchants not to keep PINs from their accounts in the form of printed or digital records taking into account the risk of leaking the data to other parties.

Use of Account to Make Transactions

  1. The Merchant is required to ensure that the cellular number and e-mail address listed on his account has been successfully verified before making a Transaction request.
  2. The Merchant is obliged to ensure the completeness, correctness and accuracy of the contents of the Transaction data and information received in connection with the Transaction carried out by him. Candypay is not responsible for any impacts that may arise due to negligence, obscurity, and / or inaccurate Transaction requests from the Customer.
  3. The Merchant has the opportunity to re-check and / or cancel the data that has been filled before the entry and verification of the PIN or OTP.
  4. Every Transaction requested by the Merchant to be carried out on his account and approved by the Merchant concerned by entering the PIN is a valid and irrevocable Transaction.
  5. As proof that the Transaction requested by the Merchant to be carried out has been successfully processed, Candypay will send information related to the Transaction via e-mail to the e-mail address listed on the Account and through the transaction history menu in the Candypay Application.
  6. The Merchant agrees that with the execution of the Transaction using his account, then all Merchant requests relating to the Transaction will be used as valid evidence even if no written documents are made and / or the issuance of signed documents.
  7. Evidence at the Merchant's request to make a Transaction using his account is stored in the electronic data center Candypay or in the form of storage of information and other data paid, either in the form of written documents, notes, computer printouts and / or copies, recognized as evidence that will not be denied the validity, truth and authenticity.
  8. Candypay has the right to reject the Merchant's request to make a Transaction if:
    1. The email address listed on the account related to the Merchant's property has not been successfully verified.
    2. The transaction that Candypay has or will be suspected of is a fraud and / or crime.
    3. The Merchant understands and agrees to Candypay for all Transaction Fees that may arise at the request of Transactions that are processed using his account.
    4. Candypay Or Candypay Partner has the right not to return the Transaction Fees that have been charged for transactions using the Account by the Merchant that have been successfully processed, if there is a request to cancel the transaction at the request of the Merchant concerned. All Transaction Costs referred to are calculated as the cost of using system resources that have been used to process the transaction.
    5. Candypay has the right to at any time make changes to the Transaction Fees in Candypay services by sending notifications to the Merchant via email or displaying them through service notifications.

Cash out Balance

  1. The Merchant understands his responsibility to ensure the destination number of the transfer is in accordance with the VA Number listed for the related Account that is informed through the Candypay Application. Error transferring funds from a bank account caused by an error entering the transfer destination number is the full responsibility of the Merchant.
  2. Candypay has the right to refuse to fill in the balance into the account if:
  3. Cash out balance will cause the account to exceed the Maximum Balance.

Blocking Account

  1. Candypay has the right to block an account if:
    1. There is a request from the Merchant owner of the related Account registered through communication using e-mail and / or telephone to Candypay Customer Service.
    2. Candypay knows and has a reason that the relevant Merchant is indicated in one or more Forbidden Enterprises.
    3. Candypay obtains information and / or orders from the authorities that are indicated through written information to block.
  2. The Merchant can make an opening request for blocking his account to Candypay Merchant Service, with the following conditions:
    1. The Merchant concerned can prove the validity of himself as the account owner in relation to verifiable data.
    2. If the blocking is carried out because the relevant Merchant is indicated in a Forbidden Business, then the Merchant concerned must bring evidence and / or certificate acknowledged by his authority by the authorities and inform that the Merchant is not proven to be involved in the Forbidden Business that is alleged.

Account Closure

Merchant account can be closed unilaterally by the Candypay , if the Merchant violates the provisions stipulated in these Terms and Conditions and / or the Merchant is indicated to commit fraud, crime and / or actions that can cause reputation risk for the Candypay.The meaning of fraud includes but is not limited to:

  1. All actions of the Merchant relating to criminal acts that have been or can be reported to the authorities;
  2. Actions that cause financial loss or reputation loss for the Candypay ;
  3. Actions carried out by the Merchant either individually or in an institution, either manually or through a system that is not in accordance with the rules for implementing Candypay services;
  4. The Merchant has the right at any time to close his account through the Candypay Application if he has no balance in it;
  5. A closed account cannot be reactivated.Merchant who wish to reuse the Candypay service agree to re-register the Account through the Candypay Application, even if they use the same Cellular Number as before;

Termination of Service

  1. Candypay has the right to terminate the Candypay Service temporarily or for a specified period of time determined by CandypaYy for the purposes of updating the Candypay Application and / or Candypay System, maintenance of the Candypay Application and / or Candypay System, settlement daily or monthly transactions, or for other purposes for any reason deemed necessary by Candypay.
  2. All intellectual property rights inherent in the Candypay Application such as logos, photos and / or images, names, words, letters, numbers, color arrangements and combinations of these elements are the property of Candypay fully.Merchant are prohibited from imitating,reproducing,or using it for interest and in any way without the prior written consent of Candypay.

Summary of Cost Lists

The following is a list of fees for using the CandypaYy Application:

  1. Registration Fee: free
  2. SMS Fees: Customers will be charged an SMS fee by cellular operators:
    1. Once every time you make an initial registration, and
    2. Each time you receive an SMS containing the Candypay OTP.
  3. The amount of the SMS fee is in accordance with the policies of each cellular operator used by the Merchant.

Sanctions Against Merchants:

If Merchant is proven by the Candypay to commit fraud then Merchant will be subject to sanctions by Candypay.


  1. Candypay has the right to make changes to some or all of these terms and conditions at any time. Merchant are encouraged to review the terms and conditions for using candypay regularly.
  2. By using the Candypay Application, the Merchant complies with all applicable rules and regulations for Candypay including every change.
  3. If a dispute arises regarding the interpretation and implementation of these terms and conditions, Candypay and the Merchant agree to resolve the dispute referred to by deliberation to reach consensus.
  4. If the dispute cannot be resolved by deliberation, Candypay and the Merchant hereby agree to resolve the dispute in question through the South Jakarta District Court, without prejudice To Candypay’s right to file a claim or claim through another District Court within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.