Privacy Policy

I. Introduction

PT. CandyPay Global Utama (hereinafter referred to as "CandyPay") is a private owned limted company formed in 2019. CandyPay provides Merchant App services to make it easier for Merchant to perform various functions related to electronic purchases and payments. Candypay Merchant App will have access to sensitive information from the parties involved.

This privacy policy applies only to users who downloads the smartphone application CandyPay (hereinafter referred to as "Visitors"), as well as the CandyPay Account Owner Customers (hereinafter referred to as "Merchant") who have open accounts on the CandyPay Merchant APP.

This privacy policy concerns the usage of Merchant and Visitor information, including personal identity information,and other information obtained when using the CandyPay Merchant App.

II. Collection and Using An Information

Candypay collects personal information from visitors User and Merchant who are voluntarily registered. The information we collect can be in the form of names, cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other data deemed necessary by Candypay. This information will be collected by Candypay as administrative data when visitors Users choose and agree to participate in the use of CandypPay Application, such as registering as a Merchant.

Candypay also collects personal information in more detail in the form of legitimate individual identification documents for the state and relevant authorities such as but not limited to KTP (national ID) and SIM (Driving License). The collection of information is used as verification of the validity of the Merchant information in his request to obtain more CandyPay features. Candypay does not collect names, e-mail addresses, cell phone numbers and / or other data belonging to other contacts from the cellular / Uservisitor's address book other than the Merchant's /and/or User’svisitor's information.

Candypay collects information from every transaction carried out by the Merchant using his CandypPay account. This collection of information is part of monitoring the transactions carried out by the Merchant and its analysis of Payments development, transaction patterns, and prevention and / or handling in the event of fraudulent transactions.

Candypay also collects non-personal information from every visitor user and merchant, such as an IP-Address, the type of mobile smart-phone you used, so that we can monitor traffic, monitor vUserisitor and Mmerchant habits in interacting with CandypPay applications, and analyze them in order to improve the quality of our services.

III. Information Protection

All information obtained from Usersvisitors and Mmerchants will be protected and kept confidential from unauthorized access.

Candypay also makes efforts to protect the information of visitorUsers and / or merchant by implementing several security tools at the infrastructure layer, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128/256-bit encryption, Antivirus, Firewall and DDoS Guard.

Although Candypay has provided protection against merchant's information through CandypPay, the Merchant is still encouraged to follow practical advice not to provide CandypPay account information to other parties. If the Merchant feels that the information in his CandypPay account has been known by another party, the Merchant is required to immediately change his PIN when accessing his CandyPpay account, and report the matter of the leak to our Customer Support team.

IV. Inclusion of Information to Third Parties

Candypay can provide certain information to third parties who are interested in the process of validating transactions, resolving disputes, and other matters related to transactions, where the third party is also obliged to maintain and protect the confidentiality of the information provided.

V. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Candypay has the right and can update this privacy policy at any time without prior notice. The privacy policy that applies to bothon the mobile phone visitorUserss and Merchants is the policy that is displayed up-to-date on thelatest CandypPay smartphone aApplication policy.

Continuous use of the Merchant's CandypPay account or continuous access to the application CandypPay by the visitor is considered as the Customer's agreement and / or the visitor concerned regarding this privacy policy and its changes.